"MGR Group takes great pride in everything  it does"



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MGR Group

Welcome to MGR Group, a 21st century real estate and infrastructure development company. 

Founded by a set of seasoned professionals with an aim to amalgamate global standards and quality to Indian Real Estate Industry. MGR Group’s promoters have diversified to leverage their expertise of customer delight and transparent ethics into real estate. 

At MGR Group, we understand, educate and execute the art of laying successful foundations, both for glorious businesses as well as evergreen structures. We are powered by an accomplished and ever innovating team of professionals with an endeavour to excel expectations of our associates, partners and the esteemed customers. 

The philosophy of MGR Group is simple - bringing in together the best and brightest minds of the industry to create a team that believes in the infinity of possibilities. Our nurturing spirit enables our people to grow and realize their full potential. As our people grow, so shall our capabilities, creativity and engineering ambitions along with our clients and their happiness.

We promise to etch the MGR Group brand deep into the annals of commercial and residential architecture in India.